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April in books

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Four months checked. Eight still to go. Have a look at BookLikes bloggers April reads and let us know how are you doing in your 2017 reading challenge.


I finished 17 books in April. I have to credit the start of the booklikes-opoly game and some time off for letting me ramp up my reading. In previous months, I've only managed 11 or 12.. continue reading



Wild Seed - Octavia E. ButlerHexed - Kevin HearneYarned and Dangerous - Sadie HartwellRivers of London: Volume 2 - Night Witch - Ben Aaronovitch,Lee Sullivan Hill,Andrew Cartmel



I finished just 2 books this month. Pretty poor, but I'm slogging through 2 long ones and have had a lot of real life interrupting my reading time.I have, however, made good progress towards clearing the samples, despite continually adding more. I'm down to 69, from 115! I'm trying to read at least one a day, keeping in mind that I don't get further than a page or two on some... continue reading



10 Books Total for the month of April (3,331 Pages)... continue reading


Daughter of Deep Silence - Carrie RyanQueen of Always (Stolen Empire Book 3) - Sherry D. FicklinUnknown - Wendy HigginsThe Edge of Everything - Jeff Giles


If you've missed April wrap ups by other BookLikes bloggers, have a look at the following posts, feel invited to read and join :) If we haven't included your post, let us know in the comment section below.



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Audiobook out now: Elizabeth (1976) by Ken Greenhall

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New release!


One of our best recent titles, Ken Greenhall's Elizabeth: A Novel of the Unnatural , is now available worldwide as an audiobook! Greenhall's tale about an evil young woman who may be a witch makes for terrific listening and is brilliantly narrated by Becca Grabowski.

“A whirlwind of horror!” – Library Journal

“An unsettling piece of work.” – New York Times



Book Description

“If you were to go into your bedroom tonight – perhaps by candlelight – and sit quietly before the large mirror, you might see what I have seen. Sit patiently, looking neither at yourself nor at the glass. You might notice that the image is not yours, but that of an exceptional person who lived at some other time . . .”

The image in the mirror of fourteen-year-old Elizabeth Cuttner is that of the fey and long-dead Frances, who introduces Elizabeth to her chilling world of the supernatural. Through Frances, Elizabeth learns what it is to wield power – power of a kind that is malevolent and seemingly invincible. Power that begins with the killing of her parents . . .

Now available:

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Website | Amazon US | Amazon UK
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